How Does a Gift Planner Help?


If you could retain a landscape architect to dream big for your yard BEFORE your visit to the nursery to buy plants, soil, mulch, and the right fertilizer, wouldn’t you feel better knowing that your landscape design took your preferences into consideration?

It is the same with the documents prepared to distribute your assets upon death–careful planning could make all the difference. This is a difference for your peace of mind, your family’s information to honor your wishes, and to the ministry of the church.

Inviting a gift planner from Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest for a no-cost, no-obligation discussion is much like having a free landscape architect for your yard; instead of designing a garden, the gift planner suggests a blueprint for your end-of-life stewardship wishes.

In most cases, a gift planner will streamline the legal process and possibly cut legal costs. In the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod, Dr. Lizbeth Johnson can help you by designing a way to leave  assets to your loved ones and ministry too.

This strategy is unique to Christians who value the Lord’s work on earth.  Known as end-of-life stewardship, bequests, gift annuities and various trusts achieve goals not typically suggested by attorneys and financial planners. The long-range advantages of the Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest’s ability to administrate endowments and trusts make your presence felt long after your time on earth is complete. This testimony of your faith and commitment to the Lutheran heritage becomes your legacy. Contact:

Liz Johnson, Gift PlannerDr. Lizbeth C. Johnson


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