Stewardship at the End of Life

IMG_3330As your life draws to a close, how will you remember the presence of God in your life on Earth? Will you include a paragraph in your will describing this? Will your plans continue to fulfill your responsibility to be a good steward of all that you have been given?

Stewardship comes naturally when our hearts are grateful for the abundant gifts of God. As the end of life nears, faithful people may incorporate these thoughts in their planning for their financial legacy along with their families and other institutions that have been important to them.

Providing for the future of the Church in the distribution of your financial legacy is a practical way to see that your commitment to your faith lives on and God’s work on Earth continues. Live On, the Gulf Coast Synod’s endowment fund, accomplishes this by helping to equip the next generations of faith leaders and build new faith communities.Monarch cropped

You may use the distribution of funds at the end of our lives to demonstrate we love others as much as we love family and ourselves—a financial gift that reflects our passion for God’s work.

There is no charge or obligation to explore whether your own goals can be met in a plan that benefits your desires for family and the Church. The gift planner for the Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod can provide advice and answer your questions in order to make your time with your financial and legal advisors more efficient and effective. Contact the gift planner, Dr. Lizbeth Johnson by email at for a private consultation.